• People management

    From contract and salary to time and skills, collate all of your people information in a single, secure system of record.

Complete employee database

Collect, store and visualize all your employee information in one system. A standard, user friendly layout means it’s easy to find information at a glance.

  • Reduce data maintenance for your HR and People teams with employee records stored in one global database
  • Empower your employees to own their personal data through self-service
  • Sage People empowers managers to effectively make team updates through guided journeys, making employee and team changes much easier
  • Sophisticated profiles and permissions allow managers and employees to support both themselves and their teams
  • Dynamic org charts make it easy to find colleagues, see reporting lines and access contact information
  • Set up and manage dynamic groups and teams of people across the business that don’t usually work together

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Your unique system

Sage People is designed to provide your business with more control and flexibility, no matter the complexity. Sage People supports your existing and future people processes.

  • Change or redefine workflows and processes quickly, with no development required
  • Easily manage bulk updates such as when moving groups to new managers as a result of restructuring
  • Setup automatic workflows for approvals to shorten the time to complete workforce related changes to improve efficiency
  • Capture your unique business data by storing it in custom fields and control security for access management
  • Improve process control and efficiency through highly configurable workflows

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Employee self-serve

Ensure your company’s greatest resource of all – its employees – are able to find the information they need quickly. Respect their needs and time by ensuring every employee touch point is efficient.

  • Make employee and vital business information available throughout the employee journey from one online portal
  • Multilingual and multi-currency capabilities provide employees with the ability to conduct transactions in the local language
  • Employees can manage and maintain their own HR admin including; booking leave and updating personal data
  • Personalize communications to individuals for maximum employee engagement
  • Access content from 3rd party portals or other Intranet sites all from one intuitive interface
  • Give your people instant access to their HR information and critical business communications from any device, at any time

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