• Performance and talent management

    Manage your people’s performance, skills, and development, through better workforce visibility. Employee performance and talent management software integrates seamlessly as part of Sage Business Cloud People.

Performance management

Continuously communicate expectations, define duties, and help people accomplish strategic objectives.

  • Configure performance features to suit your processes; predefine questions, participants and visibility depending on your strategy
  • Provide instant peer or colleague recognition for immediate feedback outside of annual or other formal periodic reviews
  • Set controls around performance reviews e.g. how many participants can provide feedback
  • Align and track performance against individual goals, linking them to the organization’s objectives
  • Enable 360 feedback through internal team members as well as external assessors
  • Tie development plans and activities directly to competencies, or set them independently

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Skills and competencies

Get a clear and objective view of where your people excel, where they can develop and what makes them tick.

  • Comprehensive skills search capabilities across your global workforce for job role matching or bridging skills gaps
  • Assess skills against a selection of rating scales and system supported skills matrix
  • Create career and professional development plans as part of your employee performance management process whenever you identify a learning need
  • Create resource plans and bring them to life with skills and competency analysis

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Talent management

Spot stars, build teams and plan your resources for the future with Sage People.

  • Executives, managers, HR leaders can drill down into performance management metrics delivered in easy to understand reports and dashboards
  • Succession planning –management view of multiple successors, level of readiness and supporting development plans
  • Create development plans to help bridge talent gaps and monitor progress against plan
  • Manage attrition by capturing potential, risk and impact of leaving
  • Use tools like the 9 box grid and skills matrices to forecast and evaluate talent pools

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