• Workforce experience management

    With so much change and increasing expectations in the working environment, workforce expectations is more important than ever. Sage People offers employee engagement software that helps you understand your workforce better and create world class employee experiences; improving engagement, productivity and retention.

Employee engagement

Understand the true motivations of your employees to make long-term improvements to engagement, performance and productivity.

  • Design better ways of working using pulse surveys and the ability to change or create processes quickly and easily
  • Keep connected with staff on the go with secure access on any device, at any location
  • Provide real-time feedback and call out great work using peer recognition
  • Improve workforce wellbeing by helping employees manage health and work-life balance, reducing absences and improving productivity
  • Reinforce your brand with a configurable self-service portal

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Ensure your employees are getting the most important people-related information they need to do their job as best they can.

  • Communicate critical business updates via the workforce experience portal. Gather usage insights with confirmation buttons and then report back
  • Provide targeted communications to specific employee groups with information relating to their role; improving engagement and responses
  • Send information straight to employees’ mobiles using the Sage People app, and instantly connect with team members using the directory
  • Use surveys to create two-way communications and provide immediate feedback from employees, helping to identify issues or bottlenecks
  • Help employees access all your time critical videos, social updates and news in one place

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Streamlined processes

Eliminate repetitive, manual processes and give valuable time back to your employees so they spend less time on admin and more time focused on strategic activities.

  • Consolidate your workforce information in a single global instance. Use predefined policy rules to set up global and local compliance requirements
  • Reduce data maintenance for you HR and People teams, improve and empower your employees to own their personal data through self-service
  • Dynamic org charts make it easy to find colleagues, see reporting lines and access contact information across the organization
  • Set up and manage groups of people that don’t usually work together in their day job. Examples include cross functional or project teams. This is useful for managing virtual teams and contingent workers (such as freelancers)

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