• Workforce Experience Management

    Give your people the experience they deserve. Support flexible and remote working by ensuring employees are always up to date, connected, and able to self-serve.

Employee engagement

  • Raise employee engagement through workforce daily experiences, throughout the employee journey
  • Design better ways of working using pulse surveys and the ability to change or create processes quickly and easily
  • Provide real-time feedback and call out great work using peer recognition
  • Improve workforce wellbeing by helping employees manage health and work-life balance, reducing absences and improving productivity

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  • Communicate important business updates and help employees access time critical videos, social updates and news in one place for urgent communication
  • Use surveys to create two-way communications and provide immediate feedback from employees, helping to identify issues or bottlenecks
  • Quickly provide targeted communications to specific employee groups with information relating to their role or situation, improving engagement and responses
  • Send information straight to employees’ mobile devices using the Sage People app, and instantly connect with team members using the directory

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Employee self-service

  • Provide consumer-grade, employee self-service, to ensure your employees can find the information they need for work as easily as they do in their personal lives, in an engaging way
  • Enable your employees to connect from any location and from any device, with 24/7 access to the self-service portal
  • Empower your people to access their key pay information, book leave and manage requests flexibly, on the go, at home or elsewhere
  • Reinforce your brand with an engaging and easily configurable self-service portal and incorporate content from other Intranet sites

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