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Multi-family office cloud accounting software for the company you keep

Be In Control - Beyond Assets

The unique needs of ultra-high net worth families continues to bring new levels of complexity to all aspects of your company. Diverse and complex portfolio management, investment planning, philanthropy opportunities, legacy guidance, lifestyle goals, and office administration require an all-in-one cloud accounting software solution to simplify and streamline operations. As the only AICPA preferred financial management solution, Sage Intacct is the accounting experts’ choice with:

We understand the complicated ownership structures you manage and the specialized needs that family wealth accounting requires. Our multi-entity, cloud-based accounting system for family offices provides smarter wealth management, bespoke reporting capabilities, and exemplary business intelligence. From a shared dimensional chart of accounts to real-time custom dashboards, we help you get…and stay…in control.

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Consolidated Multi-Entity Management and Trust Accounting

Managing hundreds of multi-entities? Spending too much time on unproductive and error-prone financial reporting, budgeting, and compliance filings for each of your funds? Sage Intacct integrated accounting software eliminates complexity regardless of the diversity or scale of assets under management (AUM). Reduce churn, streamline planning cycles, and improve business intelligence capabilities.

  • Automatically simplify complex multi-entity consolidations and streamline AUM accounting
  • Shared dimensional chart of accounts reduces churn and wasted time
  • Easily manage global accounting processes based on current and future regulatory requirements with a single version of truth

Innovative Accounting Automation and Investor Dashboards

Our automated accounting solution enables the multi-family office to easily optimize processes, improve collaboration, and make faster decisions with greater insights and confidence. We maximize profitability through automation, enable customized real-time dashboards, and provide a new level of performance visibility.

  • Instant access to both financial and operational metrics
  • Real-time shared access, improved data accuracy, and deeper transparency decreases compliance risk exposure and costs
  • Connect front office and back office to create collaborative compliance strategies

Cloud-Based Financial Software That’s Trusted and Secure

Cloud-based accounting software provides significant benefits to the multi-family office. It’s cost-effective, secure, easy to use, low-maintenance, and scalable. Your accounting team can access the same information and data from anywhere at any time. Increase front-to-back office collaboration with API integration, pre-built capabilities, and flexible custom features enable your accounting system to scale with your expanding business.

  • Secure 24/7 delivery of critical financial data and sensitive client information
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) vs. on-premise software
  • Cloud-native automatic system releases, backup, disaster recovery, and more equals less down-time and disruption

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