Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multi-tenancy: what it is and why it matters

A multi-tenant architecture allows you to work from a shared solution, but unlock only your own data. Much like an apartment or office building, everyone enters through the same lobby but uses their own keys to access their individual apartments or offices. With Sage Intacct, this multi-tenant architecture gives you professional-grade financial management and accounting capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a comparable single-tenant financial system.

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How it works

Sage Intacct runs separate data instances (tenants) from a single instance of Sage Intacct. Tenants share basic services and infrastructure, but once inside your individual location, you can tailor your instance to best suit your needs. Your data and customizations remain isolated and secure from the activities of the other tenants. Single-tenant or hosted architecture, on the other hand, provides each user with a dedicated system. With this approach, each organization must invest resources to build its own infrastructure, making it feasible for only the largest enterprises.

How it helps

By aggregating data, processes, infrastructure, connectivity, and stakeholders in the cloud, Sage Intacct can securely serve multiple clients from an unlimited number of organizations, and provide the highest levels of financial management functionality at a price point you can’t achieve with single-tenant or on-premises applications. Benefits include:

  • Instant access to innovation. When we make incremental improvements to Sage Intacct, they are immediately and automatically provided to our entire community with zero disruption to your business.
  • Reduced risk. Sage Intacct invests in world-class security, robust redundancy, and disaster recovery best practices, giving you a level of protection that only the largest enterprises could afford to put in place. See our Buy with Confidence guarantee.
  • Seamless integration. Our multi-tenant architecture provides an extensible platform that lowers the cost, time, risks, and complexities of connecting third party systems and building entirely new applications and modules. You can use our integration platform and tools on your own, engage an Sage Intacct partner, or engage our professional services team.
  • Easy upgrades. Receive Sage Intacct updates several times a year—for no additional charge, and with no action required on your part. To minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations, we implement most new features as configuration options that you can choose to ‘switch on.’ And just as important, with a multi-tenant architecture, incremental Sage Intacct updates will never break any customization or integration you put in place.