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Let Sage Intacct and GuideStar
Transform Your Nonprofit’s Financial Visiblity

An exclusive relationship to help nonprofits achieve their mission.

Improve financial health and sustainability

Sage Intacct and GuideStar share a common goal of enabling better financial stewardship and improved mission accomplishment based on a holistic view of the nonprofit organization.

Thanks to best practices from GuideStar, the dashboards enable nonprofits to:

  • Seamlessly calculate report data and dashboards using Sage Intacct financials
  • Get real-time graphical views of key data and organization health recommended by GuideStar
  • Make better decisions and stay on top of trends and priorities with “questions to consider”
  • Provide instant actionable insight to key stakeholders

The Sage Intacct and GuideStar partnership provides best practice metrics to deliver real-time insights into your mission’s impact.

Gain real-time visibility into key revenue composition and source

With real-time visibility, nonprofits gain insight to guide planning and strategy, while strengthening funding stability. The ability to instantly view reserves allows organizations to sustain any short-term gaps and expand funding diversity.

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“With the Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book, organizations can get a more complete picture of their financial health and easily align their efforts with the key metrics GuideStar has identified for nonprofit success. We aim to ensure organizations have the financial capacity to deliver on their missions in an increasingly competitive funding environment.”

Adrian Bordone

VP of Strategic Partnerships, GuideStar

Monitor organization health with key metric visualizations

With access to visuals of key balance sheet metrics that align with GuideStar recommendations, nonprofits can easily track trend lines and changes for a more complete picture of financial health, while informing planning and strategy for proactive management.

Guide discussions with “Questions to Consider” content

Nonprofits gain peace of mind with the “Questions to Consider” capability so no stone goes unturned. With questions to consider covering both the balance sheet and income statement topics, key stakeholders can stay on top of trends and priorities – helping ensure good decision making.

Navigate directly to GuideStar for benchmarking

Nonprofits have a direct connection to GuideStar’s benchmarking tool to ensure alignment with recommended metrics and best practices.

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar provides real-time visibility into a nonprofit’s financial health, so that organizations can leverage data for better decision-making, Together, Sage Intacct and GuideStar are raising the bar for all nonprofits by making it possible to provide instant, actionable insight to key stakeholders.