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    by Ensuring Compliance with Grant Tracking and Billing Requirements

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Accurate and Comprehensive Grant Tracking,
Billing, and Reporting

Learn how centralized and automated grant tracking and billing can
improve the delivery, reimbursement, reporting, and audit of your grant awards.

Track and report accurately to get the most for your mission

Centralize all grant documents and details for secure, comprehensive views, regardless of award type or funding source:

  • Corporate
  • Foundation
  • Governmental
  • Other

Ditch the spreadsheets and know where you stand. Report and compare budget to actuals on grants with reporting periods that differ from or cross your fiscal year. Easily extend your grant records to include your unique program delivery details using simple business user configuration. Search and report on grant delivery, financial data, and impact metrics.

Capture accurate costs for reimbursement

Never miss a charge or overstate amounts.

  • Associate accounting entries with grants and flag reimbursable costs at entry.
  • Gather eligible charges for reporting and billing with the click of a button.
  • Track and approve employee effort per grant using Sage Intacct or integrated timekeeping data.
  • Bill indirect costs based on a negotiated rate, specific rate, or markup based on the type of expense.

“With Sage Intacct, we’re able to create dashboards to monitor grants in real-time. Our grant writing team is able to collaborate easily within the system, ensuring that budgets line up with performance and delivery.”

Pavan Makhija

CFO, Possible Health

Ensure mission delivery with more control and visibility

  • Gain visibility into what needs to be done and when with centralized task tracking for grants and projects.
  • Monitor spending and track the budget plan as the grant is used.
  • Stay on top of deadlines and easily collaborate with other team members to deliver on conditions and milestones.
  • Couple with Sage Intacct Resource Management to extend project tracking and delivery, including staffing, capacity and utilization capabilities.

Ease compliance and audits

With centralized grant records and reports, your staff and auditors have a single, shared source of truth.

  • Track funding details and tie deliverables to tasks. Progress monitoring helps you ensure timely delivery of your performance requirements.
  • Get a clear audit trail for qualified expenses by asserting expenses as reimbursable during transaction entry.
  • Couple with Sage Intacct Nonprofit Revenue Management for conditional grants to further track barriers, automate recognition as milestones are achieved and streamline compliance for stress-free audits.