Transforming Financial Management for Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations

Growing nonprofit healthcare organizations face a multitude of uniquely complex challenges – from revenue and fundraising issues to regulatory compliance and clinical outcomes. That’s why finance teams can no longer rely on outdated spreadsheets, manual workarounds, and time-consuming processes. Turn to Sage Intacct to streamline nonprofit healthcare finance so you can strengthen stewardship, control costs, improve efficiency, increase visibility – and fully pursue your organization’s mission.

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Key benefits

  • Visibility – See what your nonprofit healthcare organization has been missing.
  • Reporting – Get real-time insights and metrics to improve performance
  • Automation – Move beyond the headaches of disconnected systems and manual spreadsheets
  • Collaboration – Sage Intacct brings the whole team together

Streamlined, automated reporting

Sage Intacct is the cloud accounting software that turns data into insights. It tracks and reports financial and operational data—like square footage, available hospital beds, or other measures that matter to your growing healthcare organization. Tap into 150 built-in financial reports or easily create your own custom reports. Forget error-prone Excel reporting, waiting for customized projects, or relying on external tools.

Unprecedented real-time visibility

With Sage Intacct cloud financial management software, you can monitor your nonprofit healthcare organization’s performance in real-time. Quickly filter, slice, and drill down on data to see results by location, service/practice area, grant, fund, or entity. Or view role-based dashboards and performance cards to see quick views of metrics, trends, and other relevant stats. Sage Intacct gives you more information and more insights – and a lot less work.

Stronger collaboration

Bring all of your practice areas, locations, departments, and entities onto a single, efficient financial platform. Sage Intacct brings all the players and disciplines together – donors, finance, revenue, compliance, practice management, the board, and other stakeholders.

Automating your financials

With Sage Intacct, you can automate key finance and accounting processes, like purchasing, month-end closings, and report distribution. Centralize payables across all of your facilities and offices and eliminate manual payments and inter-entity payments. With Sage Intacct, you save time, improve accuracy, and keep your midmarket organization growing – without adding staff.

Greater efficiency

Say goodbye to the headaches of disconnected systems, spreadsheet madness, and blind spots in your organization. Sage Intacct lets you create consolidated financial statements or summary rollup reports at any time, not just month-end. Get the speed you need to adjust strategies and operations to respond to performance trends.

Keep it in the cloud

Sage Intacct’s cloud architecture gives you a world-class financial management application that you can deploy immediately. Take advantage of complete security, guaranteed performance, and quarterly updates with efficient, pay-as-you-go subscriptions. An open API architecture means you can easily integrate with other systems in your organization for even greater efficiency.

With the time we’re saving from mundane processes, we’re able to focus on really understanding what drives our business and monitoring key trends, such as the rising expense of medical supplies and medications. Now we’re truly a partner to the business, helping make strategic decisions about how to get our costs down, as well as where to invest in new ventures as we enter growth mode.
Timothy Carlew
University Clinical Health