• Sage Intacct for private equity backed companies

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A strategic partner to drive top line and EBITDA growth for portfolio companies

Sage Intacct now advises leading private equity firms and their portfolio companies to build more profitable businesses through world class financial management, subscription automation, and service.

Customer Case Study

Transforming a Global SaaS Business with Data & Automation

Customer Case Study

Care Centers Accelerate Time-to-Insight by 10X to Help Reinvent Healthcare

Customer Case Study

Robust Financial Management for Rapid Scale

Customer Case Study

Healthcare Business Grows Profitability 30% with Sage Intacct


Our private equity program delivers consistency, service, and value

Sage Intacct has designed a best in class approach to partnering with private equity firms and drive portfolio-wide EBITA growth. Based on interviews from dozens of leading firms, we’ve built a program to align with your needs. We’ll deliver shorter time to value, predictable implementations, consistent pricing, and white glove service.

  • Single point of contact
  • An extension of your operating partners
  • Incremental value for your portfolio

“We chose to partner with Sage Intacct as they’ve helped many of our portfolio companies scale up and build smarter, more capital efficient businesses while providing preferential service and commercial terms for our portfolio.”

Brian Regan

Managing Director and CFO, Spectrum Equity

Create value across your portfolio

Sage Intacct will help you create value by optimizing and automating finance across your portfolio. With a single point of contact, you can leverage our experience creating value as strategic advisors as an extension of your operating partners.

Companies that integrate their quote-to-cash often see their DSO decrease by 30 to 75%, freeing up cash-flow to invest in hiring and acquisitions.

  • Due diligence support
  • 100 day plan design and execution
  • Carve-out support

Integrate add-on acquisitions seamlessly

We’re built for M & A. Rapidly onboard your add-on acquisitions into your platform investments to get one complete view and source of truth. Create, execute, and adjust to a winning strategy with consolidated, real-time visibility.

  • Built for multiple entities
  • Designed to accommodate rapid growth
  • Adaptable for business model changes

Leverage real-time data to understand your portfolio company growth levers

With Sage Intacct's real-time reporting tools and digital dashboards for KPIs, portfolio companies gain agility and flexibility to deliver the information that matters to key stakeholders, including executives, the board, and investors.

  • Get instant answers
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Reach peak performance