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Intacct Enables Services Firms to Ramp Profitable Growth with Advances in Project-Centric ERP Capabilities

New Features Enable Firms to Employ Sophisticated Resource Management, Billing, and Costing Models to Unlock Growth

By adding these powerful new capabilities into the Intacct ERP software these companies already use, we are enabling our customers to drive new levels of profitable growth for their organization.

ORLANDO – Intacct Advantage 2016 – Oct. 26, 2016 – Intacct, the customer satisfaction leader in cloud ERP software, today announced the availability of new project and resource management capabilities within Intacct. These new features will enable companies to ensure that they best utilize their resources across projects, better track project costs, and adapt billing to customer needs as they scale their businesses.

Growing services firms face the challenge of delivering their services on-time and on-budget across an expanding portfolio of projects. To ensure they can deliver projects on time, these companies must increasingly employ sophisticated resource management approaches—including the use of specialized resources and subcontractors. To maintain project profitability and customer satisfaction, they also need accurate tracking of project costs and billing.

To enable services firms to sustain and even accelerate profitable growth, Intacct is releasing new project-centric ERP functionality. These new features deliver deeper automation to save companies time, as well as richer insights to help firms stay agile as they deliver more projects and use more resources.

Key project and resource management capabilities added to Intacct include:

  • Multi-segment Resource Scheduling—Project managers can now assign a single resource to a single task over multiple time segments. This more granular tracking of resources enables project managers to maximize utilization of specialized resources
  • Flexible Sub-Contractor Costing—A new transaction rules engines enable firms to easily automate costing that incorporates multiple overhead or labor rates. This empowers firms to use sub-contracted resources for diverse needs, while keeping direct and indirect costing accurate.
  • Interactive Invoicing Previews—Firms can now use dynamic invoice totals that change based on real-time adjustments to rates or selected line items. This enables billing managers to understand the impacts of potential write-offs and write-downs they could make as they try to bring billing actuals in line with budgeted billing amounts.
  • Portfolio Gantt Charts—New Gantt charts for managers provide instant insights across the entire project portfolio by combining both operational and financial metrics. Users can drill down to detailed Gantt charts for task/resource status and project progress.

“When even a one percent improvement in resource utilization can mean the difference between hitting your goals and missing your overall numbers, the value of project and resource management comes into clearer focus,” said Dan Miller, VP of Product Management at Intacct. “Many midsized companies can’t afford expensive, stand-alone resource management software to get the tools and visibility they need for optimizing their resource usage to ensure project profitability and customer satisfaction. By adding these powerful new capabilities into the Intacct ERP software these companies already use, we are enabling our customers to drive new levels of profitable growth for their organization.”

The new capabilities announced today extend the functionality already delivered in Intacct’s project solutions. With Intacct’s project billing and costing, companies can easily track and access all of their financial and operational project data in one place. The solution also helps firms automate billing and revenue recognition while keeping projects productive and profitable. Learn more about Intacct’s project accounting solutions.

Intacct’s project billing, costing, and the new project and resource management capabilities announced today are all generally available from Intacct and its network of partners.

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