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Intacct Powers Growth Companies with Superior Visibility into Business Performance

Enhanced Financial and Business Insights Drive Accelerated Growth through Improved Decision Making

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 10, 2014 – Companies of all sizes and structures are driving growth with real-time financial and operational insights through Intacct. A leader in cloud financial management and accounting software, Intacct helps high-growth businesses like DataXu, Mozilla, Plexxi, and SPARC gain the financial and business intelligence they need to expand, evolve, and accelerate business operations. 

These emerging industry leaders are using Intacct for both audit-quality financial reporting, as well as gaining broader business insights, so managers can easily spot trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities; answer important questions about how to accelerate growth; and plan for the future. Thanks to Intacct’s unique multi-dimensional general ledger, companies can slice and dice their financial information by key business drivers to support faster decision-making and ensure greater predictability of business performance. And by bringing together financial data with operational information from any system, Intacct provides an accurate, holistic view of a company’s performance.

See also today’s launch of Intacct Performance Cards to learn about new ways Intacct is delivering increased visibility into business performance.

Plexxi, an emerging star in the rapidly growing software-defined networking market, uses Intacct’s reporting and dashboard capabilities to monitor the health of the business day-to-day, with real-time transparency around budgets, cash, expenses, and inventory. For example, the company’s dashboards for budget to actual comparisons and for employee expenses have prompted engaging discussions among the executive team about spending on headcount, inventory, and travel in relation to evolving revenue trends.

“Intacct’s flexible general ledger allows us to track the business context of all our financial transaction data with increased accuracy and completeness,” said Laurie Riedel, vice president of finance and administration at Plexxi. “Using Intacct, we can easily tag transactions for advanced reporting using dimensions like location, project, employee, or any custom category important to the business. This delivers visibility beyond just the standard financial metrics, allowing us to see the business metrics that illustrate the success of our strategies and operations.”

Another case in point is DataXu, the fifth-fastest growing private company in the U.S. and the number one advertising and marketing company in 2013 according to Inc. Magazine. DataXu has experienced incredible sales growth of more than 21,000 percent in the past three years. With Intacct, DataXu enjoys access to the real-time financial and operational insights it needs to guide its future growth.

“With Intacct, we can better understand and manage what’s important to our business by tracking not just financial metrics, but also key business metrics too,” commented Jim Harper, controller at DataXu. “Intacct gives us real-time visibility into the state of our business, because everything is integrated and reporting is easy. For example, if we need consolidated accounts receivables to satisfy a bank covenant, I can pull that up instantaneously in Intacct and even look at the data sorted by specific locations or other key business dimensions.”

Then there is SPARC, Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing software company, which uses Intacct to manage its rapidly expanding commercial and government software development business. “In just four years since we were founded, SPARC has grown from five to 180 employees and to more than $21 million in revenues – this kind of growth requires both a focus on execution and complete visibility into our business,” said Russell McCray, CFO at SPARC. “Intacct empowers each and every team member to meticulously monitor their time across projects, and helps our leadership increase business visibility to ensure that we’re meeting client needs. With Intacct, we have a clear and granular view into financial and operational performance, and can easily manage profitability as we continue our exciting growth trajectory.”

Another example of an organization using Intacct’s comprehensive visibility to drive business decisions is technology company Mozilla, maker of the popular Firefox Internet browser, which has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2003. Mozilla’s CFO, Jim Cook, commented, “Intacct has supported Mozilla as we’ve expanded to over 20 countries internationally, and worked seamlessly with all our world-class cloud-based applications. As a result, we can focus on being true strategic partners to our global product leaders and leverage Intacct's transparent, web-based financial information for key insights like our new product line profitability financial management reporting.”

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