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Intacct Streamlines Driving Action from Insights with New Intacct Dashboard Snapshots

Finance Teams Can Now Flag, Communicate, and Resolve Issues Surfaced in Dashboards from Directly within Intacct

Unlike any other ERP system, Intacct is now empowering users to capture real-time snapshots of financial and operational results from any dashboard.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Intacct Advantage 2015 – Nov. 11, 2015 – Intacct, a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software, today announced the launch of Intacct dashboard snapshots. This new functionality enables Intacct users to save snapshots of real-time financial and operational results from any Intacct dashboard, annotate them to highlight issues, and communicate them to an individual or group through Intacct Collaborate, the secure social layer embedded within Intacct. This will allow finance teams to more quickly resolve issues and improve performance by driving the right conversations and decision-making. This new functionality is being showcased today at Intacct Advantage 2015, the annual Intacct customer and partner conference, taking place this week in Las Vegas.

Intacct dashboard snapshots provide finance professionals the ability to streamline the flagging, communication, and resolution of issues. With the power to save snapshots of real-time data, finance professionals can communicate an issue at a specific point in time even as real-time data continues to change. A graphical editor further helps finance professionals draw attention to specific numbers and trends by annotating charts, reports, and Intacct Performance Cards.

Reviewing financial information and flagging issues that need to be investigated are frequent tasks for finance professionals. However communicating to staff the precise issues to investigate can be time consuming and difficult, especially since data on real-time dashboards is constantly changing. Finance staff tasked to resolve issues are also usually faced with disconnected manual steps as email communication can’t provide the necessary context. To resolve issues, finance staff need to login to the system of record, find the information, and then investigate it—tedious tasks that waste valuable time.

For example, a CFO looks at his dashboard mid-month and notices a large drop in available working capital driven by a decrease in cash for one of the company’s subsidiaries. The CFO sends an email to the Controller asking them to investigate the issue. Unfortunately, when the Controller sends the analysis to the CFO, they mistakenly investigated the consolidated group working capital balance instead of the subsidiaries, in addition they focused the analysis on the increase in liabilities instead of looking at the drop in cash, as the CFO intended. This misinterpretation of data leads to wasted cycles because they aren’t looking and pointing at the same information.

With Intacct dashboard snapshots, finance staff tasked with investigating issues won’t need to leave the financial system to communicate and resolve them, they can start investigating issues immediately using dashboard filters and drill-down. Other key benefits of Intacct dashboard snapshots include:

  • Graphical annotations focus and accelerate the communication of tasks leading to less confusion and faster issue resolution
  • Capturing conversations on Intacct Dashboards enables users to investigate issues faster as the contextual information is presented on the same screen
  • Sharing information on the Intacct Collaborate social feed enables users to collectively work on tasks leading to better, faster problem resolution
  • Retaining a history of questions and answers in Intacct Collaborate groups ensures knowledge is retained and shared for future use


“Growing companies must define a robust set of key performance indicators to manage their businesses for continued success,” said Robert Kugel, SVP and Research Director for Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm. “Identifying and publishing these metrics are essential first steps towards becoming a data-driven organization, but companies also need to have frequent data-centric discussions about their performance to address issues and find opportunities for improvement. Intacct’s new dashboard snapshots enable finance team members to utilize a rich set of available performance data and rapidly collaborate in-context to be able to go from thought to action in a matter of seconds. This can help companies respond faster to trends in key metrics and make finance teams much more efficient.”


“Finance teams waste untold numbers of hours each month on email, tracking down information around issues—time that could be better spent on more value-added tasks,” said Dan Miller, VP of Product Management at Intacct. “Intacct is constantly looking for new ways to help our customers streamline processes. Unlike any other ERP system, Intacct is now empowering users to capture real-time snapshots of financial and operational results from any dashboard, annotate the snapshot, and share it via the Intacct Collaborate social feed for faster flagging, communication, and resolution of issues.”

Intacct dashboard snapshots will be generally available in the Fall 2015 release of Intacct. They are part of Intacct Reporting & Dashboards and powered by Intacct Collaborate, both of which are included free for all Intacct customers.

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