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Nexonia and Intacct Integrate Cloud Applications

Nexonia Integrates Advanced SaaS Expense Management Solution with Intacct’s Cloud Financial Applications to Streamline Expense Management


TORONTO, Ontario and SAN JOSE, Calif. - May. 22, 2012 – Nexonia and Intacct today announced the availability of Nexonia’s full corporate expense management platform for Intacct customers. The companies also announced that Nexonia has joined the Intacct-Ready™ Partner Program, a robust ecosystem of pre-integrated cloud computing-based applications.

As part of the new partnership, Nexonia has completed full web services integration with Intacct’s cloud financial management and accounting applications. Intacct customers can now be up and running with Nexonia’s web-based expense management platform in less than an hour.

“It’s as easy as entering your Intacct Company ID, clicking a few checkboxes to configure the features you want and then clicking a single link,” said Neil Wainwright, CEO at Nexonia. “All entities, currencies, locations, departments, classes, employees, expense types and other Intacct settings are completely synced with Nexonia and will remain that way. The transfer of approved expenses back into Intacct is equally as easy, taking just a few seconds and being completely seamless.”

With Nexonia and Intacct, employees can use the web or mobile phones to fill out, submit, and approve expense reports. Using Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, and Google Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy tablet and the Motorola Droid, an employee can quickly enter expenses, take photos of receipts, and easily route them for approval in seconds. Not only that, but advanced VAT tax calculations can be automatically applied so the transfer to Intacct is seamless and smooth. This saves a huge amount of time for companies, both for their teams in the field and the finance teams that support them.

“The combination of Intacct and Nexonia helps joint customers accelerate and streamline their expense reporting and expense management processes,” said Dan Miller, vice president of Product Management at Intacct. “Expense management tools, such as Nexonia, are extremely helpful to companies with distributed workforces, as it allows these employees to more easily enter and submit expenses via the web and mobile devices. With this new integration, expense reports created in Nexonia are fully synced within Intacct to enable finance departments to more easily maintain tight control over expenses and cash flow.”

Nexonia is a leader in expense management, with a streamlined web user interface that works on all web browsers. Nexonia’s mobile clients include iOS and Android. Nexonia supports both personal and corporate credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Nexonia also works with payroll and direct deposit systems.

“We’re especially proud to bring to Intacct Nexonia’s deep understanding of international expense management, including flexible and unlimited-level approvals, 161 currencies, daily exchange rates and our advanced VAT management tools to support local and international customers,” added Neil Wainwright.

Intacct customers can get additional details on Nexonia from the Intacct Marketplace or directly from Nexonia at

About the Intacct-Ready™ Partner Program

Under the Intacct-Ready Partner Program, Intacct partners with leading companies to develop and certify integration between their cloud-based applications and technologies and Intacct's cloud financial management applications. To achieve Intacct-Ready status, partners need to support and maintain integration between their systems and Intacct, as well as coordinate service level agreements and customer service procedures.

About Nexonia

Nexonia is a highly advanced expense report tracking application built specifically for the demanding needs of organizations that need to enter, approve, manage and analyze their expenses. Nexonia is fully hosted, managed and backed up. There is nothing to install and it works on all commercial web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and any other advanced web browser on PC, Mac & Linux).

For more information, call 800-291-4829.

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