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Sage Intacct and GuideStar Improve Financial Health & Sustainability for Nonprofit Organizations with Innovative Dashboard

New Financial Board Book Automates Best Practice Metrics to Deliver Real-time Insights into Mission Impact

Sage Intacct and GuideStar entered into an exclusive partnership to raise the bar for all nonprofits. Together, we are providing nonprofit organizations with a powerful tool to easily manage their financial health and stability.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 18, 2018 – Sage Intacct, the innovation and customer satisfaction leader in cloud financial management solutions, and a solution available in Sage Business Cloud, today announced the general availability of the new Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar.

The Nonprofit Financial Board Book is a dashboard that automates the tracking and management of industry-wide best practice metrics to deliver real-time insights to help nonprofit organizations benchmark the financial health, sustainability, and its mission impact. Metrics are seamlessly calculated using real-time balance sheet, revenue, and expense data from Sage Intacct, and through additional operational sources from within the organization, including its Donor Management Systems, Budgeting and Planning software, Payroll, and more. The dashboard provides a graphical view of the key metrics recommended by GuideStar for nonprofit organizations.

“Sage Intacct and GuideStar entered into an exclusive partnership to raise the bar for all nonprofits. Together, we are providing nonprofit organizations with a powerful tool to easily manage their financial health and stability,” said Dan Miller, VP of Product for Sage Intacct. “Our new Nonprofit Financial Board Book incorporates best practices from GuideStar and enables nonprofits to more easily keep an eye on their balance sheet performance, funding mix, and the overall composition of key revenue sources to ensure sustainability.”

“When nonprofits bring both discipline and passion to mission accomplishment, everyone benefits,” said Adrian Bordone, VP of Strategic Partnerships for GuideStar. “With the Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book, organizations can get a holistic view of their financial health and easily align efforts with the key metrics GuideStar has identified for nonprofit success. We aim to ensure organizations have the financial capacity to deliver on their missions in an increasingly competitive funding environment.”

With the Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar, nonprofits can:

• Gain real-time visibility into key revenue composition and source
With real-time visibility, customers gain insight to guide planning and strategy, while strengthening funding stability. The ability to instantly view reserves allows customers to sustain any short-term gaps and expand funding diversity.

• Monitor organization health with key metric visualizations
With access to visuals of key balance sheet metrics that align with GuideStar recommendations, customers can easily track trend lines and changes for a more complete picture of financial health, while informing planning and strategy for proactive management.

• Guide discussions with “Questions to Consider” content
Customers gain peace of mind with the “Questions to Consider” capability so no stone goes unturned. With questions about income to the balance sheet, this function helps organizations ensure they’re making the right decisions.

• Navigate directly to GuideStar for benchmarking
Customers have a direct connection to GuideStar’s benchmarking tool to ensure alignment with recommended metric and best practices.

“The new Financial Board Book from Sage Intacct and GuideStar helps nonprofit organizations measure against industry benchmarks from GuideStar,” commented Braam du Plooy, controller, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Comparing your numbers to those from others in your industry is particularly helpful when managing budgets. This dashboard will make it much easier for organizations to stay on top of their key financial health metrics and know that they are aligning with the best practices from GuideStar.”


The Sage Intacct Nonprofit Financial Board Book Powered by GuideStar will be generally available on Friday, April 20 from Sage Intacct and its network of partners. To learn more, please visit here.

About GuideStar

GuideStar is the world’s largest source of nonprofit information, connecting people and organizations with data on 2.7 million current and formerly IRS-recognized nonprofits. Each year, more than 9 million people, including individual donors, nonprofit leaders, grantmakers, government officials, academic researchers, and the media, use GuideStar data to make intelligent decisions about the social sector. GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles are populated with information from the IRS, directly from nonprofits, and via other partners in the nonprofit sector. In addition, users see GuideStar data on more than 200 philanthropic websites and applications. GuideStar is itself a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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