Contract and Subscription Billing

Tailor pricing models and billing schedules to fit your SaaS business.

Contract and Subscription Billing
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Automation and productivity highlights

Reduce costs associated with manual billing

Improve accuracy with flexible pricing models tied to terms and usage or subscriptions

Streamline billing with automatic subscription renewals

Enjoy visibility into past, present, and future to manage billing at a contract level

Streamline contract and subscription billing lifecycles

Subscription billing, contract billing, and recurring billing services just got easier – thanks to Sage Intacct. Whether you need greater automation in subscription-payment processing and billing, automated revenue recognition, or a seamless data flow between Salesforce and your financials, Sage Intacct subscription billing software adapts to your needs for easier and smarter payment management.

Streamline Contract Subscription and Billing Lifecycles

Learn how Acquia used Sage Intacct to

  • Cut order-to-bill processing time by 50%
  • Reduced deferred A/R balance 33% and DSO 10%
  • Decreased cash forecasting variance 80% and increased operational cash 10%

Automate a variety of pricing and billing models

Sage Intacct contract and subscription billing eliminates labor-intensive manual calculations with built-in tiered pricing and usage-based billing. Save time and drive revenue with models that match the sophistication of your business. From billing across regular periods to non-linear billing such as milestones, Sage Intacct lets you adapt pricing and billing – all with constant visibility with complete reporting.

Contract Subscription and Automated Billing and Pricing Models

Learn how Solutionreach achieved a quick payback and high ROI with Sage Intacct

  • Automated processes saved 100s of hours of work each month
  • Cut their monthly close 50%
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in finance headcount

Integrate billing with automated revenue recognition

Regardless of your billing model, Sage Intacct billing software can meet all of your compliance needs for revenue recognition. When you tie billing and revenue recognition together through the contract, you can automatically recognize revenue as performance obligations are met.

Contract Subscription and Billing Integrated with Automated Revenue Recognition

Learn how Welltok, an enterprise SaaS company

  • Automated revenue recognition for its fast-growing subscription business
  • Reduced the monthly close by 25%
  • Efficiently accelerated quote-to-cash process by 20%

Seamlessly move subscription billing information from Salesforce

Use Salesforce CRM to enter customer and contract information and synchronize with your business financials in real time. Keep billing templates and subscription schedules in your financial system, while giving salespeople complete visibility into billing and payments info. Sage Intacct ensures everyone’s up to date on your financial relationships with customers.

Contract Subscription and Billing Information Seamlessly Moved from Salesforce

Tight Salesforce CRM integration helps Cornerstone

  • Save at least 4 days of work per month thanks to the Salesforce integration
  • Save the finance team nearly 2 weeks of manual work each month
  • Increased productivity saves $150,000 in annual headcount

Keep your accounting solution in the cloud

Keep your organization agile with an open, configurable, cloud accounting solution that lets you easily share data and connect multiple solutions (including Salesforce) with your financial foundation. Your entire organization leverages intuitive, easy-to-use systems that your staff around the world can easily learn and navigate efficiently.

Contract Subscription and Billing with Cloud-based Architecture

See the right way to implement Sage Intacct cloud financials.

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing Solution

The only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration; along with ASC 606, FP&A, and HR.

Leader 2021
G2 Grid Report

See why your finance peers rank Sage Intacct the leader in B2B Subscription Management.


The intelligent, automated, and faster way to manage revenue complexities.

The way Sage Intacct helps us scale, the predictability and visibility we get into our revenue stream, and the streamlining around billing have been remarkable.
John Fowle
VP, Corporate Controller, Welltok

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