Project Costing and Billing

Simplified project billing brings new levels of efficiency to transform how your professional services firm bills projects.

Project Costing and Billing

See how you can improve margins by issuing invoices quicker and automating billing and revenue recognition.

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Automation and productivity highlights

Improve profit margins by basing project bids on better data

Lower costs by streamlining project billing processes

Project accounting software that keeps clients happy by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service

Easily and quickly handle project costing and billing complexities

Project-based companies in engineering, consulting, and other professional services face a more diverse mix of clients and projects – and that leads to increasing complexities. You want to bid smarter based on historical profitability. Meanwhile, clients want different billing terms and invoice formats/data. That’s where Sage Intacct shines, with a comprehensive project-billing solution to streamline and simplify this critical process.

Project Costing and Billing to Easily and Quickly Handle Complexities

Even as revenue grew 63%, Berkshire Associates

  • Shortened the monthly close from 17 days to just 7
  • Reduced the invoice cycle by 50%
  • Achieved payback in less than 5 months

The right solution for project costing

Your professional services firm needs project costing and accounting software to match the way you work. Whether you just need to track expenses by projects, identify unbilled R&D costs, or run billable services projects for clients, Sage Intacct project costing and billing software has the answers you need. We show you the true financial impact of past projects, so you can make smarter project bids. By tying into your CRM system, Sage Intacct shows you what’s in the pipeline, so you line up the right people and materials and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry.

The Right Solution for Project Costing and Billing

Learn how Red Door Interactive

  • Saves more than 50 hours monthly on workflows and reporting
  • Cut AP processing time by 83%
  • Achieved payback in less than 9 months

Faster invoicing and billing for improved cash flow

With Sage Intacct project costing and billing software, you can combine different billing terms on a single project or multiple projects and deliver a consolidated invoice. You can base invoices on time and materials, fixed fees and milestones, or percentage completion. Apply any custom invoice templates based on a specific project for each customer and configure invoices to individual client formatting specifications. With Sage Intacct, you save money and time while improving cash flow.

Project Costing and Billing for Improved Cash Flow

In less than 5 months, Legal Monkeys

  • Regained 6 person-days per month by eliminating tedious accounting and reporting tasks
  • Shortened monthly closings by 5 days
  • Generated 100% payback

Reduce revenue leakage

Sage Intacct project costing and billing software cuts revenue leakage through an integrated process spanning sales, finance, and operations. Personalized dashboards give you real-time visibility into budget vs. actuals, billed vs. unbilled expenses, and billable hours vs. unbillable hours. You can even track change orders and not-to-exceed amount triggers so you can carefully manage the project and adjust plans as needed.

Project Costing and Billing to Reduce Revenue Leakage

Thanks to Sage Intacct, European Paving Designs

  • Managed 400% growth over 5 years
  • Shortened its financial close by two-thirds while keeping finance overhead flat
  • Gained operational visibility to support decision-making

Automated revenue recognition

You need flexible billing terms to win and keep clients, but that can also make it difficult to comply with rules and controls and meet stringent GAAP requirements. Sage Intacct uses the same data for automated billing and revenue recognition, but the automated billing schedule is separate from automated revenue-recognition schedule, so you can do what’s right for your customers – and stay compliant.

Project Costing and Billing with Automated Revenue Recognition

Learn how Modsquad

  • Improved gross margins by 2% within one month of implementing Sage Intacct
  • Reduced invoice and monthly close cycles by 50%
  • Gained greater visibility into customer and project profitability

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The intelligent, automated, and faster way to manage revenue complexities.

Before deploying Sage Intacct, we envisioned CRM, time tracking, and finance systems that worked seamlessly together to automate our entire book-to-bill cycle. Now, that vision is a reality.
David Wohlwend
Vice President of Finance and Accounting, ModSquad

Frequently asked questions

What will Project Costing and Billing do for my services organization?

Sage Intacct Project Costing and Billing keeps all your financial data in one place and helps you manage your services organization productively and profitably.

  • Automated billing processes means your project invoices are produced quickly and accurately, limiting any delays to sending out invoices and accelerating cash flow
  • Accurate, historic project costs help you make smarter bids and estimates for future projects that protect and improve profit margins
  • Workflows for tracking time and managing costs keep projects on track and make it easy to answer questions about progress or invoices without needing to hunt down project details
  • Actionable insights from role-based dashboards enable you to make informed decisions to achieve business goals and your project managers know where their projects stand in real-time
What kind of insight does Project Costing and Billing provide?

Role-based real-time dashboards make it easy to analyze relevant information and answer big questions. Whether it’s project managers that need to keep projects within budgets, executives that want to understand which projects are contributing most to overall profitability, or finance staff that need to track how collections are trending, Sage Intacct puts these insights at your fingertips.

Financial, managerial, and operational reporting are all available as soon as time, expenses, and costs are entered, so you know your cost structures, how they support top-line growth, and where you need additional resources.

How does Project Costing and Billing handle revenue recognition?

Revenue recognition is kept separate from billing to help improve forecast accuracy. Revenue recognition schedules are flexible based on your needs—they automate the calculations and postings based on milestones, schedules, percentage completion, and project completion methods. You can even edit your schedules to pause, modify, resume, or cancel if your needs change while the project is in progress.

Does Sage Intacct integrate with the solutions I’m already using?

Sage Intacct’s best-in-class open API system allows you to integrate with operational solutions like Salesforce CRM, so you can set up seamless quote-to-cash flows that saves you time by eliminating manual entries and ensuring accurate data transfer. Project based businesses have a wide range of software platforms they depend on to achieve success. Sage Intacct is designed to be the financial core of your technology stack, giving you the flexibility to enable your teams with what works best for their needs. To see if the solutions you already use are supported by Sage Intacct, check out our robust list of marketplace partners. You can also create custom integrations with Sage Intacct Web Services API.