Accounts Receivable Software

Creative Dining Services improved accounts receivable collections by 12% increasing cash flow $760,000 by automating invoicing and collection processes.

Accounts Receivable Software

See how Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable helps companies increase cash flow by automating processes.

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Accounts receivable software — get paid faster

The Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable software module is part of Sage Intacct Accounting. It makes your team more efficient, so you get paid faster. Automate your processes, email your invoices, and offer more payment options. Generate recurring invoices for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better recordkeeping, and more.

Accounts receivable software - get paid faster

See how PCF

  • Slashed client billing and AR processing time by 50%
  • Achieved 15% to 20% faster monthly financial reporting
  • Cut 20% from transaction processing time

Stay connected with seamless integration

Sage Intacct cloud-based accounts receivable software integrates with the rest of the business systems—including your CRM solution—to give you a single view of quotes, sales orders, and invoices. It automatically posts order transactions to your general ledger and AR ledger to streamline billing and accounting. In addition, it also offers up-to-date, accurate sales tax calculations.

Accounts receivable software with seamless integration

Tight Salesforce CRM integration helps Cornerstone

  • Save 4 days of manual work each month
  • Save $150,000 annually with improved productivity
  • Gain deeper business insights with greater reporting visibility

Complete accounts receivable visibility

Sage Intacct gives you real-time visibility with built-in and configurable dashboards, reports, graphs, and charts. Get a complete picture of customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue, and more. With Sage Intacct, you can analyze AR data from a range of perspectives for a complete view of your business.

Accounts receivable software with complete visibility

Sage Intacct’s multidimensional reporting and dashboards provides Marathon Ventures with

  • Faster, granular insights into accounts receivable helping to save 36 hours per month
  • $8,000 in annual consulting fee savings
  • Shortened monthly close and increased visibility

We put you in control

Sage Intacct's accounts receivable solutions let you create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls. You define the approvals to align with the way you operate, so you have complete visibility into the entire AR process.

Accounts receivable software with complete control

Thanks to Sage Intacct, HomeVestors

  • Saves 30 hours per week managing accounts receivables
  • Shortens DSO by 2 days and frees up $120,000 in cash
  • Achieved payback in less than 4 months

A smarter accounts receivable collections process

Sage Intacct Collections reduces costs and improves cash flow by letting you efficiently manage customer communications with structured, automated processes. You can send customers configurable reminders, assign owners to collection cases to ensure accountability, and centrally record all activity.

Accounts receivable software with smart collections process

Automated collections helped VelocityEHS

  • Save $160,000 in annual productivity costs
  • Save 3 weeks per month of manual work
  • Achieve payback within 3 months

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Because of the great integration with Salesforce, our new sales flow into Sage Intacct seamlessly. Sage Intacct creates the initial invoice, which we can easily turn into a recurring invoice for perpetuity. Our teams can access customer information or accounts receivable details in either system from anywhere.
David Novak
Controller, Cornerstone Information Systems

Frequently asked questions

What can Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable Software do for my organization?

If you’re like many other organizations that struggle with manual processes and cash flow getting caught up in high DSO, you need functionality that can help streamline your AR processes, like automation, email invoices and more payment options. Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable Software brings efficiency to AR management, reducing DSO by 25-50%.

How can Sage Intacct help me track my accounts receivable?

Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable Software offers full reports of customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue, and more, for full accounts receivable visibility. What’s more, you can analyze your AR data from a range of perspectives, like revenue over time or collection activity on customer accounts, for custom analyses of your business.

How can I save more time in my Accounts Receivable processes?

Sage Intacct enables you to integrate with the rest of your business systems to give you a single view of quotes, sales orders and invoices in order entry. You can automatically post order transactions to your general ledger and AR ledger. Also get up-to-date, accurate sales tax calculations by connecting to sales tax software. Sales tax software such as AvaTax and other technology partners can be found at Sage Intacct Marketplace.