Cash Management Automation

Learn how Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation drove $500,000 in improved cash flow and increased overall gross margins by 20%.

Cash Management Software

See how Sage Intacct cash management accelerates the close and speeds up daily cash management activities.

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Internal controls highlights

See it clearly: Improve visibility into your entire cash management picture

Strengthen controls: Increase control by automating complex cash-management processes

Accelerate processes: Save hours by streamlining processing

Cash management software for improved cash flow

True cash management gives you a complete picture of your cash footprint and working capital. Where is the cash coming from? Where is it going? Sage Intacct Accounting includes a Cash Management automation module to provide you with a complete, up-to-date picture of your cash position.

Cash management software with improved cash flow

Learn how University Clinical Health

  • Improved positive cash flow by $125,000
  • Recovered more than $500,000 a year in person-hours and IT costs
  • Shortened monthly close by nearly 40%

Manage bank accounts across all your locations

Sage Intacct cash management software shows you all payments and transactions across all checking and savings accounts and credit cards across locations and entities. You see it all in real time, so you’re always in control of cash.

Cash management software for all your bank accounts

Read how Welltok

  • Reduced its monthly close time by 25%
  • Accelerated quote-to-cash efficiency by 20%
  • Automated revenue recognition for compliance

Cash management software provides automated bank reconciliations

Sage Intacct securely connects to thousands of financial institutions around the world. For easy cash management, automatically import transactions from your financial institutions and automatically reconcile your checking, savings, and credit card accounts in just minutes. Spot exceptions, manage bank errors, monitor for fraud, and maintain accurate cash balances.

Cash management software with automated bank reconciliations

Read how Association of College Unions International

  • Shortened bank reconciliations from 5 hours to 5 minutes
  • Increased finance department efficiency by 35% with automated workflows
  • Achieved a less than 6 month software payback

Day-to-day cash activities in real-time

Sage Intacct cash management solutions give you flexibility to meet your daily needs. Match electronic payment transactions to invoices in a click. Apply payments to accounts not tied to an invoice or record POS payments not applied to a single customer. Quickly print checks or use the bill-focused payment cycle. With Sage Intacct, you can transfer funds across accounts to locations and entities right when you need them.

Cash management software with real time cash activities

Learn how MADD gained audit-ready financials with Sage Intacct.

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Core Financials

Best-in-class core accounting platform

With Sage Intacct, our general managers and department heads hold greater accountability, because management can quickly pinpoint areas of financial concern and have accurate information with which to make better business decisions. As a result, three of our struggling entities moved into the black, our overall gross margins improved by 20%, cash flow increased by nearly a half a million dollars, and our real estate asset values grew by over $5 million.
Larry Chank
CFO, Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

Frequently asked questions

What can Sage Intacct Cash Management Software do for my organization?

Looking for a way to conduct day-to-day cash activities in real-time for accurate insight into your cash position? Use Sage Intacct Cash Management as a part of the financial management system to easily:

  • Gain full visibility into where your cash is coming from and where it is going and reduce DSO by 25-50%
  • Print checks or transfer funds across accounts to locations and entities right when you need them
  • Match electronic payment transactions to invoices with a click
  • Connect securely to financial institutions around the world
  • Automate reconciliations of your checking, savings, and credit card accounts
  • Spot exceptions, manage bank errors, monitor for fraud, and maintain accurate cash balances
Can I sync my banks with Sage Intacct?

You can connect securely to over 10,000 financial institutions, to bring visibility and efficiency to your organization. Once connected, see all payment and transaction data across those checking, savings, and credit card accounts across your locations and entities, without waiting for downloads.

Do you automate bank reconciliations?

By reconciling checking, savings, and credit card accounts on a daily basis through automation, our customers see reconciliations dropping from hours to minutes.