Purchase Order Software

Cut invoice-to-payment time 50% and eliminate hundreds of hours of tedious transactional data entry.

Purchase Order Software

Learn how Sage Intacct provides visibility and efficiency throughout your entire procure-to-pay workflow.

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A streamlined procurement cycle

Part of Sage Intacct Accounting, the Sage Intacct Purchasing software module enables you to create structured, predefined transaction and purchase approval workflows that increase purchasing speed, accuracy, and efficiency. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting tools that let you monitor budget vs. actuals, analyze costs, and gain visibility into your entire procure-to-pay cycle. That’s purchase order software, perfected.

Purchase Order Solution With Streamlined Procurement Cycle

Thanks to Sage Intacct purchase order software DonorsChoose.org

  • Saves 50+ hours per month on revenue recognition, AP, and reporting
  • Shortened their monthly close by 60%
  • Increased overall finance team efficiency by 20%

Faster, smarter purchasing

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based purchase order software automates your unique workflows and accelerates purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and approvals. The Sage Intacct purchase order system connects with accounts payable, cash management, and inventory, so you don’t enter the same information twice. And you can drag-and-drop files for simpler recordkeeping and instant access to supporting documents.

Purchase Order Solution With Workflow Automation

Learn how Bay County Medical Care Facility

  • Reduced spending 5 - 7% through better purchasing visibility and accountability
  • Slashed monthly close cycle time by 90%
  • Improved reporting accuracy by 70% and achieved a 50% gross margin improvement

See the entire purchase management process

Sage Intacct purchase order management software gives your team easy access to critical information. You’ll see customizable, role-based purchasing dashboards, so you can quickly track budget performance, compare purchase quotes, see price breaks, and more. With real-time information at a glance, Sage Intacct purchasing software lets your team focus on making the right purchase decisions.

Purchase Order Solution With Complete Visibility

Learn how GoGuardian:

  • Cut its monthly close by over 80%
  • Reduced DSO 50% and increased operating cash flow $7M
  • Achieved software ROI of more than 800% in the first year

Sage Intacct puts you in control

Take complete control of your entire procure-to-pay process. With Sage Intacct purchase order software, you leverage best-practice templates that enforce and control your careful, thoughtful processes for purchase requisitions, quotes, orders, returns, and more. Set spending limits to maintain budget compliance with spend management. And you can use tailored workflows and approval processes for purchase order management to ensure everyone adheres to your organization’s unique requirements.

Purchase Order Solution With Complete Procure to Pay Control

Sage Intacct puts ERB in control with:

  • Structured processes delivering a 3D view of its business
  • No additional staffing while growing their business 5%
  • Modernized and streamlined purchasing processes to reduce invoice-to-payment time, increasing vendor satisfaction

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We had outgrown QuickBooks and wanted a robust system that could automatically process contracts as purchase orders are received, bill customers, accept payments, post to the general ledger, do revenue recognition, and produce financial reports. After evaluating Oracle NetSuite as well, we found that Sage Intacct’s user interface was superior, along with being more affordable. We were pleased with the software’s Salesforce integration, quick implementation, and helpful training offerings.
Elliot Woo
Director of Accounting, GoGuardian

Frequently asked questions

How does Sage Intacct speed up my procurement process?
  • Purchasing streamlines the procurement process with workflows that move purchases from requisition to purchase order to shipper to vendor invoice without re-keying data.
  • Approvals follow automated processes so finance doesn’t have to track down managers.
  • Electronic payments eliminate a number of time-draining tasks.
  • Replenishment tools speed up direct spend activities for product-based companies.
What’s the difference between Purchasing and Accounts Payable?

Purchasing captures items and quantities, while Accounts Payable works with accounts and amounts. While certain purchasing transactions, such as vendor invoices and returns flow into Accounts Payable, other transactions provide visibility and tracking throughout your procurement process. Tracking item and quantity also allows for immediate transparency into what was ordered.

What payment services does Sage Intacct integrate with?

We have a number of payment service integrations including American Express and Bill.com. You can find a list of technology partners at https://marketplace.intacct.com. You can also create custom integrations using Sage Intacct Web Services APIs.