Sage Intacct Platform Services

Platform services are a springboard to solutions precisely tuned to match individual business requirements to help organizations grow fast.

Sage Intacct Platform Services

Extend Sage Intacct with customer applications and data objects to exactly meet your business needs.

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Automation and productivity highlights

Platform Services provides you with a wide range of tools to match the functions of online development

Applications: When you require a solution with functionality and data structures outside the standard Sage Intacct applications, Platform Services applications pull together and display all the objects and menus that make up your unique solution

Objects: Think of data tables that include all the field display instructions, actions, relationships, workflows, templates, data maps, and menus that relate to that data. These are objects—the building blocks of solutions that add custom functionality to Sage Intacct.

Relationships: Unlike many data applications that require code to link data tables, relationships allow you to define object interaction within the objects themselves. With a few clicks, you can create relationships between custom objects or from custom objects to standard objects.

Page customization: Add HTML and JavaScript elements to pages, including AJAX elements using internal API requests and jQuery elements—white list external resources for use in page customizations

Triggers: Automated behavior turns a data set into an application. Platform Services triggers offer a wide variety of actions that you can perform on objects and related objects. You can even use JavaScript to define complex conditions, data calls, and calculations.

Workflows: Platform Services solutions allow you to create your own workflows to process records. You can set actions, statuses, and multiple workflow paths that apply to records according to your specifications.

Templates: Templates share output from the functions in your solutions. Platform Services provides you with HTML and XML document template and e-mail template capabilities.

Data Maps: Stored data maps allow users to quickly and accurately import data into custom objects—multiple data maps to an object allow for flexibility based on source data

Portals: Using portals, you can share and update objects through external sites. You can also manage user access to portal pages.

Custom Fields: Add custom fields to standard objects capturing additional information specific to your business

Custom Tabs: Through relationships with standard objects, you can add custom tabs to standard application objects, organizing related object information for easy consumption

Smart Rules: Create data validation rules on fields in standard objects to ensure compliance with company policy and data integrity

Smart Events: Embed actions into standard objects to automate field updates, communicate changes by email, or initiate external API calls

Smart Links: Allow users to easily click to outside sites or display information from outside sites on Sage Intacct dashboards and pages

Custom Reports: Create reports on standard and custom object data to provide greater visibility into your customers’ unique business interests.

Platform services helps accelerate customization

Today’s businesses require infrastructure solutions to give them an extra edge over the competition, be that in efficiency and cost savings, or by allowing them to make better decisions. Sage Intacct Platform Services is your ticket to making user expectations a reality.

Sage Intacct Platform Services to Accelerate Customization

Map and manage solutions with ease

Rather than building procedural programs and writing miles of code, Platform Services offers you an elegant object-centered solution. If you have any background in database development, you will quickly recognize the structures that drive Platform Services solutions. By centering all your actions and workflows around objects and related objects, you can build cohesive solutions that are easy to map and easy to manage.

Sage Intacct Platform Services with an Elegant Object Centered Solution

Trustworthy platform infrastructure

Vital questions about any cloud-based system revolve around stability and security. The problems you might struggle to overcome in a stand-alone system—such as caching, error handling, permissions, and encryption protocol—are seamlessly built into custom platform solutions without any coding on your part.

Sage Intacct Platform Services with Cloud-based Architecture

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Frequently asked questions

What can you create with Platform Services?

Platform Services can be used to create applications that extend the functionality of Sage Intacct. You can create custom data objects that capture information unique to your organization. These objects can connect to standard objects like invoices or vendors to extend the functionality of AR or AP or other applications.

How do I report on information in custom objects?

Custom reports work on Platform Services user-defined objects the same as they work on standard data objects. Custom reports can even be included within a user-defined application. Web services APIs also work on user-defined objects.

Are Platform Services tools included with every Sage Intacct subscription?

A Platform Services developer subscription is an add-on. Using a platform application built by a Sage Intacct marketplace partner does not require a developer subscription.