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Powerful, yet easy-to-use cloud budgeting and planning software with pre-built Sage Intacct integration for small to midsize businesses. The best of both worlds, cloud planning and budgeting that’s easy to deploy and use.

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A complete planning and budgeting solution

  • Control
  • Collaboration
  • Security

Spreadsheet-based forecasting is never "board-worthy", and it doesn't provide finance teams enough time to do what-if analysis and forecasting. With Sage Intacct business budget software, everyone works on the latest version and knows who updated the budget and when. You can create and save multiple scenarios within a single budget, so you have a better handle on your process.

Beware of the risks and challenges of using spreadsheets and email communication for strategic planning. There are trade-offs in developing budgets with spreadsheets and using email to collaborate with others. With Sage Intacct Planning, you can easily collaborate and invite department heads to build or edit their budgets, present plan or budget options to management, create multiple what-if scenarios, and dig into the details.

Move sensitive data out of spreadsheets and emails and into a single, secure solution, and limit access to budgets and payroll data with user-level security.

Learn how to plan in a time of unprecedented change with Sage Intacct Planning.

Complete Planning Budgeting Solution

Learn how Halstatt saved $100,000 annually by streamlining processes.

End planning and budgeting spreadsheet nightmares once and for all

  • Tackle budgeting and planning challenges
  • Easy-to-use
  • What-if, what-if, and what-if again
  • Execute the job that matters

Easily model calculations – such as projected cash flow, sales, revenue recognition options, or headcount expenses – without spreadsheet errors. No more hidden formulas, broken links, or version-control issues.

With spreadsheet-based formulas, best practices, and pre-built functionality, budget owners can take advantage of an easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation.

Sage Intacct Planning lets you create multiple scenarios by changing drivers and assessing the potential impact to your business.

Forget about building a cumbersome spreadsheet infrastructure. Instead, focus on strategic plans that exploit business opportunity and sidestep risks.

Planning and Budgeting Without Spreadsheet Nightmares

See how easy cloud-based Sage Intacct Planning is to use.

Budgeting and planning software that's Sage Intacct-ready

  • The power of two—all in one
  • Integration
  • Implementation with ease

Use actual information in budgeting and planning, and quickly compare what-if scenarios. By automatically adding plan information to Sage Intacct, your dashboards and reports let you compare current performance vs. plans to manage for success.

Native bidirectional synchronization with Sage Intacct ensures your financial data, account structures, and dimensions are reflected in your plans and easily shared.

Leverage your Sage Intacct actuals and best-practice templates to get up and running in a few days or even just a few hours.

Kyle MacDonald, Director of Finance and Operations at Aegis Project Controls, a construction consulting firm, says “The move to Sage Intacct has been a huge turning point for our organization. Sage Intacct Planning gives us great flexibility to expand our reporting and forecasting and increase visibility much more efficiently than if we stuck with Excel.”

Budgeting and Planning Software Which is Sage Intacct Ready

Learn how Aegis Project Controls improves efficiency and decision-making with Sage Intacct Planning.

  • Reduced budget creation time by 25%
  • Increased scope and depth of budget data 2x
  • Improved decision-making capabilities for executives and managers

Sage Intacct accounting software products— #1 in customer satisfaction

We’ve earned the highest customer satisfaction in the industry from G2 since we focus on delivering an integrated accounting solution that puts your success first.

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See why Sage Intacct is the #1 accounting software solution in customer satisfaction.

The first time I pulled up Sage Intacct Planning in our executive team meeting, they were absolutely blown away by how quickly I was able to create a scenario, plug in what they were asking for, and show the results in real-time. Our leadership was impressed with how well the solution worked, saw its value off the bat, and now they want me to bring it every time they review budgets.
Natalie Bonczek
Controller, Red Door Interactive

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Frequently asked questions

Does my Sage Intacct Business User licenses include Sage Intacct Planning?

No. Sage Intacct Planning is sold separately and requires separate user license.

Can I share budgets from Sage Intacct Planning with users in my company that did not purchase a user license?

Yes, currently you can share budgets with users in your organization that do not have a license. Please know that we will continue to enhance functionality and security within the application, so in the near future if you shared a budget with users that do not have a license, they will be required to have one to access the application.

Will I be charged if I share budgets with users in my company that did not purchase a user license?

No, currently we do not do user audits and send invoices for additional users. This will also be changing but we will work with you to assess your user needs.

If you receive any messages regarding end of year user audits or billings, please contact your Account Executive.

Can a budget have multiple editors?

Yes, a budget can have multiple editors. Technically every budget has a single owner, but users that have edit access to the full budget will have the same permissions.

Do allocation percentages need to be calculated manually or in Excel? And, then plug the allocation numbers into the budget?

Allocations are available. There is no need to do them in Excel.

Can the solution support multi-versioning for scenario planning and advanced analytics for market shifts/funding scenarios?

Yes, scenarios are available. You have the ability to create unlimited scenarios and the option to merge a scenario with your current budget if desired.