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An intuitive cloud planning solution that eliminates your reliance on uncontrolled, inflexible, unsecure spreadsheets and replaces them with a real-time single source of financial truth for agile and confident decision-making.

Budgeting and Planning Software

Learn about Sage Intacct’s easy, powerful cloud-based solution for business planning that eliminates spreadsheet headaches.

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Software that makes planning easy and impactful

  • Save time, move fast
  • Always trust the numbers
  • See the whole financial picture
  • Collaborate in real-time

Turn your planning efforts into a strategic advantage the entire business can use to make better, faster, more informed decisions for growth.

You can start using Sage Intacct Planning in just a few hours to overcome planning and budgeting frustrations, put best practices to work, and free up time to focus on strategy and analysis.

It has all the capabilities you need for modern planning, budgeting, forecasting, what-if scenario modeling, reporting, and data visualization. And with spreadsheet-like formulas and intuitive pre-built functionality, it’s fast, easy, and affordable to get started.

Budgeting and Planning Software Which is Sage Intacct Ready

Learn how Aegis Project Controls improves efficiency and decision-making with Sage Intacct Planning.

  • Reduced budget creation time by 25%
  • Increased scope and depth of budget data 2x
  • Improved decision-making capabilities for executives and managers

End planning and budgeting spreadsheet nightmares once and for all

  • Easy to use
  • Quick to deploy
  • Secure & collaborative

Your business runs on plans, budgets, and forecasts. But they are spread across multiple spreadsheets and tabs, exist in different versions attached to untracked emails, and despite all your hard work they still fail to provide the clarity and insights needed to guide the organization forward.

Our cloud planning application automates the manual, time-consuming, error-prone work and lets you and your team focus on strategic planning and analysis that help the business grow and thrive. Sage Intacct Planning reduces budgeting and forecasting time and effort by 50%+ while enabling you to deliver financial insights faster and easier.

Planning and Budgeting Without Spreadsheet Nightmares

Learn how Oxford Collection eliminated 20 hours per week of manual budget work.

A complete solution for modern planning and budgeting

Self-discoverable - Quickly deploy and use across the business with an intuitive design and intelligent tools that are simple and straightforward to learn.

Connected - Ensure every plan and forecast uses current and accurate data. Sage Intacct Planning seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct Core Financials or easily syncs your financial data & dimensions from any ERP.

Powerful - Make faster course corrections no matter how complex your business is with driver-based models, what-if scenarios, and rolling forecasts. Build and compare endless combinations so you can choose the right path with confidence.

Collaborative - Bring the business into the planning process with a single, secure solution that builds trust and accountability to decision-making. User-friendly tools make it easy to learn for both finance and operational users.

Complete Planning Budgeting Solution

See how easy cloud-based Sage Intacct Planning is to use.

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We’ve earned the highest customer satisfaction in the industry from G2 since we focus on delivering an integrated accounting solution that puts your success first.

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See why Sage Intacct is the #1 accounting software solution in customer satisfaction.

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The first time I pulled up Sage Intacct Planning in our executive team meeting, they were absolutely blown away by how quickly I was able to create a scenario, plug in what they were asking for, and show the results in real-time. Our leadership was impressed with how well the solution worked, saw its value off the bat, and now they want me to bring it every time they review budgets.
Natalie Bonczek
Controller, Red Door Interactive

Frequently asked questions

Does my Sage Intacct Business User licenses include Sage Intacct Planning?

No. Sage Intacct Planning is sold separately and requires separate user license.

Can I share budgets from Sage Intacct Planning with users in my company that did not purchase a user license?

Yes, currently you can share budgets with users in your organization that do not have a license. Please know that we will continue to enhance functionality and security within the application, so in the near future if you shared a budget with users that do not have a license, they will be required to have one to access the application.

Will I be charged if I share budgets with users in my company that did not purchase a user license?

No, currently we do not do user audits and send invoices for additional users. This will also be changing but we will work with you to assess your user needs.

If you receive any messages regarding end of year user audits or billings, please contact your Account Executive.

Can a budget have multiple editors?

Yes, a budget can have multiple editors. Technically every budget has a single owner, but users that have edit access to the full budget will have the same permissions.

Do allocation percentages need to be calculated manually or in Excel? And, then plug the allocation numbers into the budget?

Allocations are available. There is no need to do them in Excel.

Can the solution support multi-versioning for scenario planning and advanced analytics for market shifts/funding scenarios?

Yes, scenarios are available. You have the ability to create unlimited scenarios and the option to merge a scenario with your current budget if desired.