Project Billing Software for Professional Services

Simplified Project Billing with Speed, Accuracy, and Visibility

As project-based companies add more clients and projects, billing processes become more complex. Customers want their own billing terms—from time and materials to fixed-fee billing or value-based billing based on milestones. Some want invoices with high-level summaries, others want line-item details about who worked which project for how long. Amid such complexity, Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive project billing solution to streamline and simplify this critical process.

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Faster invoicing and billing, improved cash flow

Sage Intacct has an easier way. With modern, project-based accounting software, you can combine different billing terms on a single project or multiple projects and deliver a consolidated invoice. Base your invoices on time and materials, fixed fees and milestones, or percentage completion. Sage Intacct's project accounting software lets you apply any custom invoice templates based on a specific project for each customer and configure each invoice to your individual customer’s formatting specifications and details. The result? Significant cost and time savings and improved cash flow.

Streamlined time-and-expense entry and approvals

With Sage Intacct, your consultants easily enter time against the projects they are working on – from any location. Streamlined multi-level timesheet approvals allow your managers to easily approve multiple timesheets – anytime, anywhere. What’s more, time and expenses are tagged automatically to the project, tasks, and customers, setting you up for clear and detailed analyses. Sage Intacct ends the redundant data entry and manual invoice creation.

Reduced revenue leakage

Sage Intacct project billing software cuts revenue leakage through a technology-enabled, integrated process that spans sales, finance, and operations. With CRM integration, such as, you can ensure contract visibility across the entire organization from bid to billing. Sage Intacct’s personalized dashboards give project managers real-time visibility into budget vs. actuals, billed vs. unbilled expenses, and billable hours vs. unbillable hours. It tracks change orders as part of the overall project, so everyone can see the current status. You can also set not-to-exceed amount triggers so you and your project managers can keep an eye on the project and adjust plans as needed.

Automated revenue recognition

Flexible billing terms are necessary to meet customer requirements – but they can bring major revenue recognition challenges. How can you be sure you accurately comply with rules and controls and meet stringent GAAP requirements? With Sage Intacct, you use the same data for automated billing and revenue recognition, but the process is decoupled. The automated billing schedule is separate from automated revenue-recognition schedule, so you can do what’s right for your customers – and stay compliant.

Real-time visibility into project billing status

Project billing isn’t just a finance function – it’s a joint responsibility of finance and operations. Are prepared to support that tight collaboration? You can with Sage Intacct that leverages trusted data in reports and dashboards, personalized to each function and responsibility. Imagine client-services dashboards with sales reports, aging summaries, and invoices in process so they can answer project and billing questions from clients without having to email the finance department. The project account dashboard allows instant drill-down to investigate variances, approve expenses, and that ensure project billings are issued to customers and that payments collected. With the right level of project billing information for each role, you ensure collaboration and timely action.

Sage Intacct: Best-in-class software for smarter project billing

Your unique strategies and business processes should be supported by the best tools and systems. With Sage Intacct, you get best-in-class accounting software built for project-based companies. It’s the cloud financial-management platform that lets you select and integrate with other mission-critical tools and systems that drive your business forward.

Before deploying Sage Intacct, we envisioned CRM, time tracking, and finance systems that worked seamlessly together to automate our entire book-to-bill cycle. Now, that vision is a reality.
David Wohlwend
Vice President of Finance and Accounting