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The QuickBooks Alternative That Won’t Slow Your
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See how our customers successfully left QuickBooks behind to accelerate revenue and scale.

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Restaurant Franchisee Hits the Limits of QuickBooks Needing Faster Reporting and Close Times

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The Hidden Cost of QuickBooks


The QuickBooks alternative that consolidates multiple entities in minutes—no Excel required

With Sage Intacct you can automate the spectrum of consolidation activities, like currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, local tax reporting, and more all with a few clicks.

Laird Management, a family-owned franchisee of Burger King restaurants across Arizona slashed reporting time by 80% by switching to Sage Intacct. Laird Management Controller, Pam Bakker, says, "The ability to run reports any way we like has been a major improvement. We couldn’t easily do a year-over-year comparison with QuickBooks. Now that’s a press of the button in Sage Intacct.”

Watch our introductory video, “Outgrowing QuickBooks' Lack of Multi-entity” and see how you can:

  • Consolidate multiple entities in just minutes
  • Easily create and track transactions for all locations
  • Manage different permissions, giving the right access to the right people

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Have all the information you need, when you need it with real-time dashboards

As you grow, you need the right information in real time and in the right format. Something QuickBooks wasn’t built to manage. From the minute you log in to Sage Intacct, you will see the most up-to-date data so you can know what’s going on with your business.

When it comes to Sage Intacct's easy-to-use real-time dashboards and custom reporting, Tania Zieja, CRO at Halloran Consulting Group, says, "The visibility we have through Sage Intacct is great. It’s helped us improve profitability and make faster, better decisions because at literally the click of a button, we can see what’s going on in the business.”

Watch our video, “Outgrowing QuickBooks' Lack of Reporting” and see how Sage Intacct:

  • Gives you dashboards with real-time data on your company
  • Allows you to easily customize your reports to give you the data you want in one place
  • Schedule reports to run and delivered on a schedule you set

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“In the five years since we graduated to Sage Intacct, our revenue increased significantly, and there’s no way we could’ve kept up with that growth if we were still using QuickBooks. I used to work up to 80 hours a week, but now I work 40-hour weeks with the same-sized team, thanks to the amazing automation and productivity boost we gained with Sage Intacct.”

Lisa Roeder

Business Manager, Berkshire Associates

Drive growth without bottlenecks with easy-to-manage automation from the best QuickBooks alternative

Don’t lose valuable time managing manual processes in QuickBooks that can be automated. With Sage Intacct, you can automate daily processes like revenue recognition, invoices and bills. Customers, like Tandem HR who saved 500 hours a year, can free up more time and keep the business flowing by taking advantage of Sage Intacct’s automation.

But don’t just take our word for it. Tanya Yakhins, Controller at Tandem HR, says, “Sage Intacct has proven invaluable in giving us a single version of the truth, insightful and actionable, as opposed to financial data stuck in spreadsheets and different accounting software packages.”

Watch our video, “Outgrowing QuickBooks' Lack of Automation” and see how Sage Intacct:

  • Increases efficiency and shorten your close time
  • Gives you user defined workflows that automate processes saving tens of hours per week
  • Offers better integration between your financials and business critical applications

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Get more done, with user permissions that allow the right people the right information

One way in which the constraints of QuickBooks become a stumbling block as you grow is with user permissions.

QuickBooks has “all or nothing” user permissions. Sage Intacct allows you to assign granular permissions giving people the right information they need and only that information.

Watch our introductory video on “Outgrowing QuickBooks Security Issues and learn:

  • The efficiency and security benefits of granular user permissions
  • How the cloud benefits your day-to-day operations
  • Security benefits of cloud and better user permissions

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Tandem Family of Companies Stopped Struggling with QuickBooks and Cut Close Time More Than 65%

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