Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Accounting Software

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Accounting Software

REIT Accounting and Financial Management Made Easy.

Changes stemming from uncertain capital markets, Brexit, M&A competition, CFIUS regulations, the PATH Act, and other economic forces are constantly impacting real estate investments. In order to stay ahead of these challenges and countless other real estate market dynamics, REIT’s need an integrated all-in-one accounting and financial management system. Our cloud-based software simplifies REIT accounting with:

Intacct Digital Board BookIntacct Digital Board Book

With our constant consolidation technology across multiple entities and dashboard analytics, you can save time and accelerate decision-making with deeper financial insights and greater business intelligence. Finding new real estate investments has its own complex challenges. Fortunately, switching to our accounting software doesn’t. Discover why we’re the only AICPA preferred financial management solution and rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

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Accounting Software Designed To Reduce Multi-Entity Complexity

Regardless of how many assets under management (AUM) or number of global entities you manage, Sage Intacct accounting software cuts through churn and inefficiencies with process automation and ongoing consolidation. Discover smarter REIT accounting that's done in minutes, not hours. Eliminate manual work, streamline planning cycles, close faster, and improve your business intelligence capabilities to empower your team.

  • Continuous multi-entity consolidations of complex global financials and operations
  • Shared dimensional chart of accounts saves time and boosts efficiency
  • A single version of truth that easily manages global accounting processes based on current and future regulatory requirements

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Speaks For Itself

For full asset lifecycle accounting management and greater operating discipline, you need a finance solution built specifically for your business but without the traditional on-premise burdens of up-front capital expenditure and additional IT staff. With Sage Intacct cloud-based software, you can achieve optimized workflows, faster consolidation, and greater accuracy with lower TCO and less risk. Improve business performance and close with confidence.

  • Lower total cost vs. traditional on-premise systems
  • Create collaborative compliance strategies and actionable reporting by aligning the front office and back office through real-time reporting
  • Deeper data visualizations into real-time financial reporting anytime anywhere

Unlock Efficiency

Cloud-based software has transformed business operations and the way we work. It has decreased TCO and reducing dependency on IT teams to improving security and remote data access, flexible cloud-based software has transformed the way we work. Cloud accounting software provides firms with faster time to benefit, pain-free updates, and simple system integration. Scalable design, pre-built capabilities, and custom features enable your accounting system to flex with your business.

  • Secure real-time delivery of critical business data and sensitive customer information
  • Lower costs by decreasing the IT burden and support requirements
  • Less down-time and disruption thanks to cloud-delivered system releases, backup, disaster recovery, and more

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