Report Visualizations

Data visualization: Surface key insights and see what you’ve been missing with Sage Intacct

Now you can quickly and easily discern the big picture. Sage Intacct data visualization features can give every detailed financial report a vivid macro perspective—one your managers might miss when manually comparing multiple data points within or across reports. Flag important trends, critical comparisons, missed or hit targets, anomalies and outliers, and more to instantly gain key insights. Then drill down into the details as required.

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Conditional Highlighting: See if you’ve cleared the bar—or not

With Conditional Highlighting, background colors indicate when specific metrics fall above or below your pre-defined ranges. Recognize which targets or thresholds have been missed or attained.

Intacct Conditional Highlighting

Sparklines: Looking back—way back—to plan ahead

Sparklines summarize historical numbers as miniature line graphs to clearly display a metric’s long-term trend—over weeks, months, quarters, or years. Valuable for analysis such as pinpointing which metrics are trending differently from others.

Intacct Sparklines

Color Scaling: Spotlighting the group’s good, bad, and in-between

With Color Scaling, single-color gradient backgrounds highlight the high, low, and in-between values of individual metrics that roll up to a total. Easily identify how each metric is contributing to the overall number, where performance is relatively weak or strong, etc.

Intacct Color Scaling

Trend Indicators: Assessing period-over-period changes

Trend Indicators sit alongside the numbers to convey—with red, green, or black arrows or dots—whether a given metric is increasing or decreasing over time. See, at a glance, how a specific metric has changed from the prior period.

Intacct Trend Indicators

Drill-Down Capabilities: Go deep with your new insights

Armed with these data visualization insights, your managers can dig deep into individual transactions. They can also use unique multi-dimensional reporting to quickly break down performance by any business driver they select.

Key benefits

  • Derive at-a-glance insights directly from detailed reports
  • Make better, faster decisions to correct and improve performance
  • Get all the details, in context, right down to the individual transaction
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Sage Intacct is #1 in customer satisfaction.
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