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Survey shows a new era is dawning in finance – CFO 3.0

The way work happens has changed – we are mobile, social, flexible, and adept at change. We trust data and expect technology to provide the solution to make us more efficient, productive and allow us to remain ahead of the curve. This new dynamic has made its way to the role of the CFO, which has undergone more changes in the past five years than the previous 50. This has created a new breed of finance leader – CFO 3.0.

Sage recently surveyed 500+ CFOs and other top finance executives at US-based midsize companies to learn the impact digital transformation was having on finance teams and the role of the CFO. Download this new report to learn:

  • How the role of the CFO is evolving, driven by a need for digitalization within the industry
  • Why finance leaders need to continue investing in training and educating their teams on the role digitalization will play
  • The ways modern finance leaders are embracing the future and investing in emerging technologies

“While finance leaders are increasingly optimistic about the role emerging technologies can play both in improving processes and providing critical business insights, the report also highlights the vital role company culture still plays in the effective integration of any technology.”

Marc Linden
EVP & General Manager, Medium Segment Native Cloud Solutions