Sales Tax and Use Tax

Sales Tax, Use Tax, and VAT, simplified

With more than 9,600 taxing authorities and jurisdictions in the U.S. alone, sales tax and use tax management is a relentless and complex challenge. And it only becomes more complex for multinational companies tangling with the intricacies of VAT calculations and remittances. Sage Intacct offers built-in integration with Avatax sales tax and use tax software to calculate sales tax and VAT for you. It’s automatic, accurate, and easy—and it can be done right at the point of sale.

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Automate sales tax and use tax calculations

Sage Intacct automates real-time calculations to eliminate tax-rate errors and ensure timely filing and remittance. Those calculations are applied transparently at the time of transaction. Automated tracking and reporting free up your finance team.

Keep up with tax rules

Rates and rules constantly change in the U.S. and around the world. Sage Intacct and Avalara continuously update tax tables to ensure calculations are pinpoint-precise. And you can take advantage of on-demand auditable reports to replace error-prone spreadsheets and improve compliance.

Lower costs

Cut your labor and compliance costs by letting your tax accounting software keep up with thousands of changing tax rates and jurisdictions. With automated tax calculations, you collect and pay the correct amount—and avoid costly audits, fines, and penalties.

Key benefits

  • Eliminate tax-rate errors with automated VAT and sales-tax calculations
  • Ensure compliance in all jurisdictions through automatic tax-law updates
  • Reduce costs by increasing efficiency and eliminating error-prone spreadsheets
Each day, the Avatax decision engine processes millions of sales-tax calculations.
Mark Wilhelm
Director of Product Integration