Spend Management Software

Keep your company spending on track

In fast-growing businesses, corporate spending can easily get out of control. Different departments have their own expenditure needs and want to purchase from their preferred vendors. And when you have employees in multiple locations requesting funds, the need for budget visibility only increases. You need smart and effective controls to avoid overspending that can limits business growth.

Sage Intacct spend management software lets your finance team govern all company spend against budget – so you never spend more than you should. And by tapping into real-time dashboards, you can thoroughly analyze spending trends to stay on top of company spending and business performance.

If you want to streamline your purchasing and payables processes and maintain budget compliance with your company spending, Sage Intacct makes it easy.

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Manage spending with confidence

Sage Intacct’s spend management software automatically enforces spending limits so you avoid exceeding budgets and stay in compliance with spend policies. Leveraging Sage Intacct’s multidimensional architecture, you can create custom validation rules based on the type of spend request (such as direct and indirect items), by department, and by location. Sage Intacct can even send alerts or stop spending whenever a request would exceed budget limits.

Improve spending insight

With a click, you get instant budget visibility. See the budget impact when reviewing a spend request or see how much has already been spent. That lets you determine whether there are enough funds in the budget to fulfill any request.

Make smarter spending decisions

Sage Intacct’s multidimensional system lets you track budget and actuals based on the attributes that matter most –department, location, vendor, and more. Using a dashboard, slice and dice your data quickly and easily to understand trends and monitor variances in real-time. You see the big picture in seconds and make better, faster, and smarter decisions.

Key benefits

  • Eliminate time wasted manually tracking budgets, compiling spend requests, and managing funds availability
  • Ensure budget compliance by automatically applying limits for all departments and locations
  • Set the duration for automating spend management, such as checking spend requests by month, against an annual budget, against a YTD budget, or by project
  • Make budget adjustments on the fly to accommodate unexpected spending needs that could exceed budgets
  • Optionally allocate committed expenditures for crucial needs (e.g. fundraisers, tradeshows) to automatically track accrued but unreleased expenditures for spend management validation