Subscription Billing—Recurring and Contract Billing

Subscription billing software for flexibility and accuracy

Subscription billing, contract billing, and recurring billing services just got easier – thanks to Sage Intacct. Whether your business needs greater automation in subscription payment processing and billing, automated revenue recognition, or a seamless data flow between Salesforce and your financials, Sage Intacct subscription billing software adapts to your needs for easier and smarter payment management.

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A range of automated subscription pricing and recurring billing models

Don’t let subscription billing complexities and contract billing headaches stand in the way of driving revenue in your company. Eliminate labor-intensive manual calculations with built-in tiered payments and usage-based billing for your customers. You save time and drive revenue with models that keep up with the complexity of your business. From billing across regular periods to non-linear contract billing, like milestones, you have the flexibility to adapt pricing and billing to the best revenue process for your business.

Integrate your billing with automated revenue recognition

Regardless of what billing model your business uses, you need SaaS billing software that meets all of your regulatory compliance needs for revenue recognition. With your billing and revenue recognition tied together through the contract, you can automatically recognize revenue as performance obligations are met.

Seamlessly move subscription billing information from Salesforce

Use your Salesforce CRM to enter customer and contract information and synchronize with your business financials in real time. Maintain billing templates and subscription schedules in your financial system, while providing billing and payments visibility to salespeople. Keep everyone up to date on the progress of your financial relationship with the customer.

Key benefits

  • Reduce costs associated with manual billing
  • Improve accuracy with flexible pricing models tied to terms and usage or subscriptions
  • Streamline billing with automatic subscription renewals
  • Enjoy visibility into past, present, and future to manage billing at a contract level
Sage Intacct has easily grown with us over the past few years as we have exponentially increased subscriptions, and expanded from around 150 employees to four times that amount.
Judd Christensen