Summer 2015 Release Highlights

Faster Insights From Graphs and Configurable Transaction Workflows

As the company whose R&D efforts are focused exclusively on finance, Sage Intacct is proud to offer the fastest pace of innovation, delivering new and relevant features every quarter. In our Summer 2015 Release, we’re unveiling more than 30 exciting updates to improve financial insight, accounting automation, ease of use, and more. For full details on all the new features, consult your Release Notes.

The Summer 2015 Release features significant improvements to Sage Intacct Reporting & Dashboards for greater insights, including new capabilities to drill-down on financial graphs and same-day sales reports that provide better insight into growth trends. The Summer 2015 Release also introduces a streamlined experience for configuring core Sage Intacct transaction workflows to suit your needs.

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Drill-Down From Graphs: Insights with a Single Click

Sage Intacct graphs now enable you to drill down to details and create reports simply by clicking on a chart element. With one click, you can zoom in on a single data point in a graph to see its components and view the underlying source transactions. This gives you the power to get to answers faster and intuitively navigate graphs and reports instead of separately generating new reports each time you want to investigate specific trends or results.

Intacct Summer Release 2015

Same-Day Sales Reporting: See Comparisons by Week, Month, and Year

For industries such as retail and hospitality, daily results are critical metrics. For instance, a single day's income for a restaurant on New Year's Eve or a hotel’s revenue for a Friday during peak season are vital. How do those numbers compare to the same date a year ago? How are the numbers trending over the past few weeks? The Summer 2015 Release lets you compare a single day's performance against the same day in prior periods.

Intacct Summer Release 2015

A Better User Experience for Transaction Workflows: Scriptless Point-and-Click Configurations

One of the strengths of Sage Intacct is the ability to define, structure, and configure workflows—without scripting—to control the document flow and accounting treatment of different types of transactions. And in the Summer 2015 Release, you can use point-and-click configurations that are easier than ever to customize transaction workflows. For example, you can set up a custom purchase workflow used solely for internal purchases. Since there’s no need for scripting (or the assistance of IT personnel), Sage Intacct keeps your finance team firmly in control of their financial system. That means you have the agility to make changes quickly—as they become necessary—without needless delays.

Intacct Summer Release 2015

Key Benefits:

  • Get to detailed numbers faster with one-click drill-downs from graphs
  • See daily trends with enhanced same-day reporting
  • Increase business agility by quickly making changes to transaction workflows