Sage Intacct and American Express Vendor Payment Services

Simplicity and control for smarter payment management

Processing and tracking payments, whether check, ACH, or credit card can add headaches and complexity to your financial workflow. With Vendor Payment Services built on the American Express Global Commercial Services infrastructure, you automate your check, ACH, or credit card payment runs to speed up the process, saving you time and money, while also reducing risk.

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No more wasted time with payment busy work

Say goodbye to the frustrations of printing and mailing checks, creating NACHA files for your bank ACH, or repeatedly entering credit card numbers. Check delivery capabilities let you generate checks against your bank accounts and have them printed and mailed for you. With ACH, you just select and send payments—that’s it. You can use the card payment service to securely pay vendors that take American Express, without re-entering card information each time. Whether you choose check, ACH, or card payment services, Sage Intacct automatically tracks and updates your payment status.

Fast, self-service setup

You don’t need to change your bank, and you won’t be waiting on IT or bank customer service help to setup vendor payment services. You can enable the services by selecting them on your Sage Intacct subscriptions page. You simply choose the services you want on the configuration page and configure vendors and bank accounts for the service. You’ll know you’re ready to go when you receive a confirmation.

Designed with security in mind

Built on the American Express Global Corporate Payments infrastructure, Vendor Payment Services are secure from the ground up. Bank account info—which is transmitted only once, during check and ACH setup—is secure and encrypted. With card payments, vendor’s receive a one-time use card number—not your actual card number. You decide what to pay and how to pay it — Sage Intacct and American Express take care of all the details.

Key benefits

  • Securely send card payments without using actual card numbers
  • Tighten security through encryption of one-time transmissions of account data and optional dual signature
  • Accelerate disbursements with a process that’s fully integrated into Sage Intacct Accounts Payable
  • Set up check and ACH payments to go out from the banks you already work with
  • Reduce risk of check-stock on hand and risk of fraud or theft
A large majority of mid-market companies (95%) agree that transitioning a company’s payment transactions to the cloud is an affordable and necessary option as technology becomes more advanced.
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