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Cloud accounting software for wealth management companies

Guide Your Clients and Grow Your Business

We understand the unique challenges of wealth management, from increasing client service demands and bottom-line growth expectations to navigating complex multi-entity accounting consolidation and a changing regulatory ecosystem. As your firm focuses on achieving your clients’ goals, the last thing you need is your back-office derailing your success.

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Our innovative accounting software helps drive investment decisions by serving as an automated and fully integrated single source of truth featuring:

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Consolidate Accounting, Diversify Portfolios

No more consolidation across complex entity structures and disparate data sources. Sage Intacct's automated accounting software simplifies your chart of accounts and continuously consolidates. With our financial management system, you can immediately increase team productivity, optimize workflows, make faster decisions with confidence, and improve your firm’s business performance.

  • Reduce consolidation time of complex entity structures with continuous consolidation
  • Shared dimensional chart of accounts reduces the number of entries from 10,000+ to 100s
  • GAAP compliance with audit trail including front-to-back office collaboration trail

Shared Dashboards Provides Better Data, Analysis, and Insights

The Sage Intacct end-to-end accounting platform provides investment management professionals with greater business visibility with dashboard analytics. We help you simplify complex reporting operations and quickly aggregate financial information. Be audit-ready in minutes with reduced errors, real-time data, effortless reporting, and operational efficiency.

  • Real-time shared access and report visualizations within and across multiple entities
  • Track financial data including P&L, budget vs. plan, and cash
  • Manage key metrics including AUM and fair-market-value over time

Close In Record Time With Innovative Cloud Technology

Firms that implement cloud-based accounting software save significant time and money, mitigate risk, and experience unparalleled flexibility to scale their business based on demand. Our cloud accounting system empowers your team with automated consolidation speed and simplicity across entities. Its scalable design enables your accounting system to flex with your business.

  • Secure 24/7 delivery of sensitive financial data and critical customer information
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) including IT costs vs. traditional on-premise systems
  • Less system disruption with automatic updates, backup, disaster recovery, and more

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We started from scratch, and with Sage Intacct and a team of two, we are currently managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate, equity investments, and various businesses. We are now more efficient in everything we do from GL to reporting.
Jason Gabauer